Indian Railways Time Table - Helps Reach the Railway Station on Time
16.01.2014 12:24

During the early days when trains were introduced in India, the only way to get the timings of trains was to go to the railway station and enquire at the enquiry counters. Since there were not too many trains in those times, it was easy to get the information at the railway station. As the number of commuters increased and with it the number of trains, people were given time table books, where the timings of trains were given. Indian Railways Time Table provides you information on all trains running under the Indian Railways. You get it at the railway station or at any of the shops.

With the introduction of computers and internet, Indian Railways began providing the train time table on its website, IRCTC. Here you get the timings on trains, the station where it has halts, etc., within a fraction of a second. The online time table is always updated. Any change in the Indian Railways is immediately entered so as to enable the people to get the latest information. So, many people are now referring the online railway time table to get the most accurate information. The website allows you check other details and book tickets easily. 

You also get the route of the train by referring to the Indian Railways Time Table because it contains the names of all railway stations where a particular train has stoppage. The railway time table is of great use to the passengers and allows the passengers to reach the station on time to board the train.


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