Railway PNR Status and Different Modes of Checking It
16.01.2014 11:01

Indian Railways is one of the largest as well as one of the cheapest rail travel service provider in the entire world. In fact, on being even the cheapest mode of travel, rail travel is the safest and most comfortable mode of travel in India. The railway administration is fully committed to offering the best class of services to the passengers. However, one thing passengers needed to suffer a bit until recent times was the difficulty in reserving tickets for Indian Railways trains. However, this has also been sorted out now with the facility of online booking being introduced. A train schedule checking, ticket booking, and  railway PNR status checking can be done online now.

It is the subdivision of railways, known as IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation), which facilitates the online ticket booking for railways now.  Anyone can log on to the website and create a profile to take the benefit of IRCTC online services. However, it is also a fact to be noted that all the train routes in India are kept busy most of the time during the year, and it is very essential for you to book the tickets well in advance in case of an outstation travel. Many a times, you may not get a confirmed reservation, but alternatively you can book an RAC ticket or WL ticket.

RAC is reservation against cancellation and WL is wait-listed tickets. If you are under any of these categories, then it is essential for you to keep on checking the booking status and this is done through the railway PNR status check, which can be done online or offline. The online PNR status checking is facilitated at the IRCTC website and you can alternatively do it by calling the Rail Sampark number #139 or through the railway station counters.


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